Sorrento Tower

San Diego, California

RAD Group

198 Senior Units


Sorrento Tower was built to great controversy on a ridge top in the Claremont Mesa area in 1975. The tower is visible from miles away and is an area landmark. Its bronze anodized window and glazing system had completely failed allowing high winds and rain to penetrate the resident’s homes. The high cost of replacing the complex glazing prevented any analysis of a tax credit rehabilitation to pencil out. But something had to be done to preserve the asset and we brought the idea of simplifying the glazing to a single window wall panel leaving the concrete floor plate projections extending into space. These old floor projections are now bris-soleil that provide shade and rhythm to the façade. The residents love the floor to ceiling glass with a new sense of light and limitless space as they can see forever from their perch high atop the ridge. From dark and brooding to light and exciting, we brought this building a new life.