We get the big picture, while attending to every detail.

When it comes to the analytical side of multifamily development, Basis has set the standard for years. We know what works in design and construction. We know how people like to live in their multifamily homes. We have learned what they want and don't want. And now developers are turning to us for the design of new construction, as they see how our unmatched consulting experience beautifully informs our approach to design. It’s a synergy that not only sets us apart as architects, but more importantly, leads to exceptional results for our clients and residents of our present and future projects. Let us design your next multifamily project for cutting edge design, the lowest possible operating costs, minimal CapX and maximum resident satisfaction.


Typical Projects

  • Infill Site Multifamily

  • Senior Apartments

  • Family Apartments

  • Community Buildings

  • Feasibility Prototypes