A Fail-Safe Scoping System

One of the most valued services we provide is the project scope of work, which includes analysis, site constraints, and budget development. Scoping is at the very heart of the pre-development process because it’s tailored to meet the financial structure of a project. The scope captures the results of the assessment, then adds the features required for the development project. It outlines the proposed line items and prioritizes the immediate needs and regulatory mandates. At Basis, we incorporate line item costs estimates to facilitate prioritization. We stay up to date with agencies you rely on for funding.

We Take into Account:

  • Replacements to minimize capital needs long term
  • Alterations or finish upgrades to minimize maintenance needs in future
  • Enhancements for marketing/rentability
  • Enhancements for retention, from laundry retrofit to interior models
  • Curb appeal improvements

Immediate Needs:

  • Deferred maintenance
  • Code deficiencies
  • Life safety issues

Regulatory Mandates:

  • Mandated Code upgrades
  • Accessibility, such as Section 504 & ADA
  • Energy Compliance
  • TCAC and all state tax credit authorities

Basis will work with you to craft a Scope of Work that gets you the project funding you need. No matter what your funding source: Syndicators, LIHTC, HUD FHA 221d4, 223f, 223f Pilot Program, soft money from the City, or conventional lending. A Scope of Work document from Basis will help you get the deal done because it is integral and coordinated with your Basis CNA/PNA. This is our system, and it works.