Rehabs are tough, but... 

The Acquisition/Rehab market is our specialty. We know how to work with occupied properties and transform them. With one site visit, Basis can quickly provide an evaluation and propose a targeted scope of work for rehabilitation, providing the developer with unprecedented control over the rehab project. We’ll design your project to fit any available budget, including requirements mandated by your funding sources. We are well known in the industry to have formed deep, collaborative relationships with the cadre of contractors who also specialize in rehab and we know the agencies, HUD, RD and even the various state tax credit allocators. 

Project Steps:

  • Assessment to meet acquisition criteria based on CNA/PCNA/PNA, or any other format

  • Scope of Work to meet program requirements and budget

  • Pre and Post Rehab Reserve Analysis

  • Design

  • Specification

  • Construction

Project Results:

  • Enhanced Rentability

  • Increased Property Appeal

  • Capital Needs Reduction

  • Capital Needs Stability

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • ADA Compliance