Thirty Years of Performing Due Diligence Assessments 

Basis’ founder was one of the first architects in the nation to perform property assessments in the 1980s, when life insurance firms first decided they needed to know something about the properties in which they were investing. He was there when the Resolution Trust Corporation first required assessments during the remedial phase of the Savings and Loan collapse. Since then, Basis staff members have participated in the development of and worked with all of the assessment types. From the very roots of the real estate due diligence business, we’ve been there.

We Prepare:

  • Fannie Mae, HUD-MAP, USDA-RD, LIHTC (Various States) CalHFA, and many other regulatory conforming reports.
  • Physical Needs, Capital Needs, Property Condition, Project Capital Needs, Green Physical Needs, and Phase I Environmental Assessments
  • Seismic Probable Maximum Loss Assessments 
  • Capital Needs and Replacement Reserve Analysis
  • Limited Physical Needs Assessments 
  • CapX Plans

We Work With:

  • LIHTC Investors and Syndicators
  • HUD for FHA programs
  • HUD for HOME, HAs, ARRA, CDBG etc.
  • USDA/RD 515 Transfers, 538 etc.
  • State Tax Credit Allocation
  • Bonding Agencies, Banks, and Conventional Lenders

We Identify:

  • Existing conditions, risks, and upside possibilities for acquisitions
  • Regulatory and program compliance such as accessibility
  • Energy efficiency and water savings measures
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Code deficiencies
  • Life safety issues