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Barbara Kuhn

Chief Financial Officer

Barb’s not your stereotypical CFO—not by a long shot. While still in high school in her hometown of Novato, California, her first job was as a messenger for Lucasfilm, where she moved quickly through the ranks, ultimately becoming an administrator for the Skywalker Art & Glass Lighting Studio. Shortly after starting at Lucasfilm, Barb got interested in driving racing cars. At 18 she had her license, and was soon racing professionally. Though the challenges at Basis are a little different, Barb keeps things moving, and moving smoothly. Among her favorite things are organizing, hiking, cooking, and sailing—she’s sailed over 30,000 miles on the open ocean, which explains why she’s so dedicated to eradicating plastic pollution. Though she’s traveled all over the world, Marin County is Barb’s home, and always has been.